You sell. We deliver. Easy as it sounds.


Develop your own delivery logistics

Either you implement your own in-house delivery or integrate with 3rd party delivery networks, we’re here to help you.

Mobile apps for Drivers

Routing System

Multi-Stop Delivery

Flexible delivery options

Regular/Rush Delivery

Offer multiple delivery options to your customers with our manageable delivery system. Set delivery fees, flat fees, and estimate the minimum order price and we’ll cover the rest

Pickup at Store

Embrace BOPIS at its best. We’ve got everything for you to receive and collect orders online, estimate the pickup time, and keep your customers happy.

Contactless Curbside Pickup

Once an online order is received and assembled, it’s put into clients’ cars for them. This keeps your employees safe while meeting customers’ demands. Quick and easy. No human interaction involved.

3rd party delivery to organize your business

Leave the delivery hassle behind. We’ve partnered with over 110 delivery services so that you focus on what you do best as a seller and serve your customers. When an online order with a delivery request is received, those services bid for the order, and our system automatically picks the courier with the most beneficial offer. This proves a simple cost and time-efficient delivery experience for your customers