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How Restaurants Can Use Technology To Spur Growth

Jan 25, 2021
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The restaurant industry is facing a watershed moment. Projections that once predicted US restaurants would reach nearly $900 billion in total sales in 2020 are now in doubt, as proprietors look back on a year of lockdowns, and toward an uncertain future for in-store dining.

The changes brought by a year unlike any other have not been uniform in their effects, or in the solutions restaurants have pursued in light of these shifts. What is clear, however, as we move into Q4, is that the method of adapting to current consumer demands lies in technology. Moreover, the ways in which restaurants implement these innovations are just as important as the technologies themselves.

Bagrat Safaryan, the CEO of Local Express, an omnichannel SaaS grocery eCommerce platform shares his ideas on how restaurants can use technology to spur growth here: