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Building The Best Grocery Shopping App

Jan 22, 2021
Best Online Grocery Shopping App

Online grocery shopping apps in the USA grew tremendously in popularity in 2020, with nearly half of shoppers purchasing more groceries online this year. While nearly every eCommerce app allows consumers to browse and order online, the best grocery shopping apps go even further with features and add-ons that bring the customer back week after week. 

Deciding which app works best is a matter for customers and retailers alike. The best app for online grocery shopping offers a great user experience while having a robust, easy-to-use backend for retailers providing and managing inventory. Here’s what to look for when deciding the best online grocery shopping app for your business.

User Friendliness

One of the main attributes of any great online shopping app is an easy-to-use interface. Customers return time and again to the apps that immediately guide them to the right products, and do so in a way that’s both intuitive and appealing. After all, customers want to see what’s new in stock, alongside their favorite items and other recommendations tailored to their tastes.

For supermarkets with a wide variety of products, a great user experience means having both top-selling products and personalized recommendations that give the user a hand in filling up their online cart. Independent and ethnic grocery stores can take it a step further, highlighting hard-to-find and imported products that bring their unique atmosphere to the digital space.

In short, grocery stores must play to their strengths when deciding which products to highlight, then build the shopping experience around the user to ensure great sales and return customers. One key to success: Custom-made widgets and banners, which can announce sales, offer targeted products, and help shoppers navigate even the most extensive of inventories.

Easy Inventory Management

An online grocery shopping app is only as good as its products. Grocery store owners are the ones who decide what to put up on their online storefront; without a straightforward way of adding products to the lineup, the grocery app can’t reach its full potential.

A full product database with succinct yet detailed descriptions is the right place to start. From there, owners and managers can easily set their eCommerce business on the right foot, taking charge of their digital storefronts the way only they know-how.

Many stores struggle to set up their inventories on their own. That’s why Local Express offers a database of over 1.5 million products with detailed descriptions, ingredients, and product images—absolutely free. To learn more, get in touch with us today to supercharge your online shopping experience.

Loyalty & Couponing

No matter the type of grocery store, users love getting a good deal. For decades, brick-and-mortar grocery stores have used coupons, loyalty cards, and other advertising to expand their customer base and keep shoppers coming back for those enticing offers.

Digital grocery eCommerce doesn’t need to forego these time-tested marketing methods. They simply need to evolve in tandem with the shopping experience. With the right couponing and loyalty-building strategies, online grocery stores can build their customer base alongside their digital infrastructure, ensuring long-term success.

Better yet, stores can create a members-only community of loyal customers, then offer coupons and deals that work only for subscribers. It’s this level of exclusivity that keeps customers coming back time and again.

The Best App For Online Grocery Shopping

For grocery stores of all sizes, the best solution is a white-label app that allows for robust infrastructure and easy customization. Local Express offers all this and more, with an end-to-end platform with easy backend tools to make online ordering and delivery a breeze. Contact us today to get started for free.