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4 keys to create an eCommerce your customers will use

Oct 30, 2020
create an eCommerce your customers will use, online ordering and delivery

A steadily growing trend towards online ordering and delivery services has affected both sellers and buyers, and clearly, customer behavior and preferences are shifting significantly. 

It’s no secret that customers these days choose to surf the net and buy all the products they need from the comfort of their homes. Blame it on laziness or lack of time, but one has to admit,  people prefer to simply scroll and tap to get what they want. This explains why many smaller establishments have pivoted to local food delivery services and there have been online initiatives to support local stores and restaurants by buying vouchers or ordering food online.

As a customer, you would confirm that some stores you want to visit again and again, while others make you wonder why you went there in the first place. The same is true for the online shopping experience. The easier it is, the higher is the chance that customers will return to make more and more online purchases. That’s why online stores struggle to simplify and optimize customer’s online shopping experience.

Here are some key factors the seller should consider to ensure customer satisfaction:

1. User-friendly interface

Respondents were asked to list the top most important reasons to shop on the web. Even though low prices do attract customers, pricing was only the third-most important issue for interviewees. Most of the answers were related to making it easy, pleasant, and efficient to buy. This means that you should aim to make your online shop easy to navigate through so that every user knows which button to click, where to search for products, and how to pay for them. In this case, less is more, so try to avoid the clumsy overloaded blocks and organize your products, which brings us to the next point:

2. Well-organized products

Whether you operate a small pop-in shop or a chain of supermarkets, the products you sell should be grouped into subcategories, categories, departments. Again, this facilitates the process of shopping for your customers and ensures their smooth navigation in your online store. Moreover, such categorization makes inventory management a lot less problematic. Essentially, arrange your products online just as you sort them on the shelves in your physical store, when you plan out where your customers’ shopping journey starts, how it goes and where it ends.

3. Responsive website

Now in addition to having a customized website and interface, you should consider fitting it to mobile devices and making your online store responsive. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people shop on the go due to tough schedules and the lack of time. If your online store functions smoothly on mobile devices, think no more, your success in the field is covered.

4.Customized suggestions

Besides these factors, there is more to consider and you as a successful seller should dig deeper. Not only should you create a pleasing environment for people to shop, but also analyze and examine their purchasing habits, to have a better understanding of what and why your customers tend to add to the cart. This will naturally result in stronger optimization and due to enhanced product suggestions you are likely to attract more buyers turning them into your loyal customers.

There are eCommerce providers that support comprehensive analytics and this may be your superpower in the competitive race of e-stores trying their best to fulfill all of the customers’ needs as utterly and quickly as possible.


In addition to creating a satisfying website, considering actual buyers and their shopping experience will give you a bigger picture of the demanded products and customer behavior.