We believe that every grocer should have the opportunity to participate in the online shopping revolution. Come join us on this exciting journey!

who we are?

Back in 2016, working and living in LA, we felt a notable demand for quality delivery and online shopping. We had to drive miles away to shop at our favorite ethnic grocery stores which provided neither online shopping nor delivery.

This is because no grocery could manage the expensive and clumsy enterprise solutions which rather met the needs of such influential brands as Amazon and Walmart.

We decided to take the wheel and create an affordable turn-key SAAS e-commerce platform to ensure every independent grocer and food retailer has access to online selling and delivery.

what we do

Having built an all-in-one platform for food retailers we continuously make sure businesses have the tools to start and succeed online. We help you retain your brand identity, satisfy your customers, and get the best of eCommerce experience. Anytime. Anywhere.

Why we do what we do

Our goal is to bring equality and accessibility to the online grocery market. We are modernizing the e-commerce experience for food retailers everywhere and making sure that it is available to any grocer in any specialty.

We’ve developed a robust e-commerce platform, which provides an online sales solution to retailers of every size, from the “big guys”; all the way to the mom-and-pop shop on the corner.


Bagrat Safarian

CEO and Co-Founder

Stan Byun

VP of Strategy

Tigran Zograbyan

COO and Co-Founder

Dennis Acebo

VP of Stores Acquisitions

Andrew Kyureghyan

Chief Application Developer

Armen Danielian

Chief Product Officer


John Weber

President, John R Weber, Inc.

Dr. Brian Harris

Chairman, The Partnering Group

Mitchell Crawford

Strategic Collaborative Marketing